Samsung Galaxy S2 Firmwares Bell Canada [Stock ROMs and Modem]

Here's a list of firmware updates that has been released by Bell Canada Network Provider for their own  Carrier Branded Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100M. The list may not be complete yet, but this may helpful in providing some brief details regarding your Galaxy S2 firmwares that are currently available.

Model: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100M
Baseband: 19100MUGKG2
Kernel version is:

Product Code: GT-I9100LKABMC

Samsung Galaxy S II  Bell Canada Stock ROMs and Modems - These are the available stock ROMs that can be used to manually flash the device if you need to return or flash back to it's original Bell stock and modem, just in case you need warranty. 

Link 2
Firmware info: PDA: I9100MUGKG2 Phone: I9100MUGKG2 CSC: I9100MBMCKG2

I9100UGKG2 Stock Kernel:Kernel_I9100MUGKG2.tar
Directions: Place .tar file in PDA section using ODIN

Stock Bell/Virgin Modem
Directions: Use Odin and place .tar file in "phone" section

Bell CSC
Directions: Flash with Odin in CSC section

Additional Modems:
Some users are experiencing better Gps/Reception with the KH3 modem
Directions: Flash with Odin under "phone" section



How to check the firmware version on Samsung Galaxy S2.
Type this code on your Galaxy S2 dial pad *#1234# and then you will get the firmware info.

How to Update your Samsung Galaxy S2 Bell firmware via Kies server
All you need to have is Kies installed on your PC. Using the USB cable, connect your phone into your PC, when your phone is already connected the Kies application will launch automatically, if Kies doesn’t do that just open it manually in your PC. Go along with instruction to update your smartphone, and then Kies will do the job in searching appropriate update for your Galaxy S2, when found the update let Kies update your phone.

The above firmware links was compiled by Intratech, you can visit his thread at XDA-developer
on how to use the above stock ROM files in flashing your Galaxy S2. Firmware Flashing, rooting and unlocking can be found and was posted by KayvinM  here.


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    what are you supposed to do with the first download??

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    can you put new links please !! :)
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  7. multiupload website is down... We'll try fix a new links ASAP.

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  13. Okay, links fix,.Check it out...

  14. Anonymous10:24

    Using that rom, my phone keep booting in loop !
    I used
    PDA: GT-I9100M_BMC_I9100MUGKG2_I9100MUGKG2_I9100MBMCKG2.tar
    Phone: Phone_I9100MUGKG2.tar
    CSC: CSC_I9100MBMCKG2.tar

    any think wrong

  15. Oh no,
    Just put the GT-I9100M_BMC_I9100MUGKG2_I9100MUGKG2_I9100MBMCKG2.tar in PDA button..
    No need for the Phone and CSC file, because the stock already contains both Phone and CSC file. Uncheck re-partion checkbox in Odin.

    Do wipe data/factory reset in recovery mode after flashing. That's how exactly it should be, to get rid of bootloops issues.

  16. Anonymous12:54

    Nice It worked

  17. I had custom rom but something went bad so I decided to flash it back. I wiped the data and installed custom rom but had error during installation.
    first I download the GT-I9100M_BMC_,I9100MUGKG2_I9100MUGKG2_I9100MBMCKG2.tar and followed the instruction.
    3posts before mine had same problem, but mine does not work.
    It is keep booting in loop.
    Please help me

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    tank you so much for the new link !!!!! :)))

  19. Catherine, I tried your suggestion of "Do wipe data/factory reset in recovery mode after flashing" but I'm still stuck on the Samsung logo when it restarts. Any other suggestions as to how I can get this to work?

  20. Try to flash the Kernel ROD..

  21. No luck, still get stuck at the Samsung logo. But if I flash a non Bell specific kernel (2.3.5 - I9100XXKI3) it works fine. I just want it back to bell's kernel as it won't let me get updates via Kies and I hear 4.0 is coming in april