I9100XXLPQ Official Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4) for Samsung Galaxy S2 Finally released!

I9100XXLPQ here it comes finally! the official Android Ice cream for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 is now officially rolled out. The firmware build number is I9100XXLPQ was firstly hits over Sweden, Nordic countries, Baltic, Poland and Hungary other regions will be getting ob-course. The long wait is over for now, other countries will get an ICS 4 sooner for Samsung will take more time to pushed out an upgrade all over the world and cannot be done simultaneously or  in a single day at a time. So chill out! for the new Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming out in your country too. We have a list of countries already receives the said ICS upgrade.

firmware info:
Phone: I9100XXLPQ
Build Date: March 09 2012
Version: Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

There are two ways to update your Galaxy S2 to Official Ice Cream Sandwich.
1. Upgrade via Kies, you need to have your Galaxy S2 runs from the original firmware or otherwise Kies won't let update your device if you have installed any custom ROMS or any beta ICS 4 releases.
2. Install using Odin downloader tool, just grab the original stock ROM on the download link below.

So far, i have no opportunity to upgrade this time, the download links were too much heavy and I'm getting slower to download the stock I9100XXLPQ firmware. It isn't available on Kies in my country yet.

Other Samsung Android devices like GT-I9103, GT-I9210, the Galaxy Note GT-N700 and Samsung Galaxy tablets like GT-P6200, GT-6201, GT-6210, GT-6211, GT-P6800, GT-P6810, GT-P7300, GT-P7310,  GT-P7500, GT-7501, GT-7510, GT-P7510,GT-P711, GT-P9100P will also getting the said Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade.

Stock ROM, for advance users who knows how to flash the firmware manually, you can grab the stock ROM at sammmobile. Just keep an extra precautions in flashing.

Update: I have it already installed using the Poland stock ROM I9100XXLPQ XEO. Gyro is working! this thing is fast! I found the full detailed guide in flashing I9100XXLPQ using Odin.

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  1. Sopaj9604:08

    Thank you very much :) This help me to unbrick my galaxy s2 :) Again, thank you very very very much :D