I9100PBVLP8 New ICS Firmware update released for UK Orange Galaxy S2 GT-I9100P NFC

We spotted a new ICS firmware update for Orange UK with NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100P via Kies. The firmware indicated with a build  number I9100PBVLP8 and a build date as of May 2012, yet another build this time from previous ICS released I9100PBVLP6. This will probably being rolled out anytime now. If you were a Galaxy S2 GT-I9100P user under Orange network , please let us know if the said firmware is already rolled out.

Here's the new firmware info:
United Kingdom Orange Samsung Galaxy S II with NFC (GT-I9100P)
Product Code: ORA
Latest build: I9100PBVLP8
Latest firmware: I9100PBVLP8/I9100PORALP8/I9100PBVLP7/I9100PBVLP8
As of: 5/9/2012 4:27:25 PM

The first ICS 4.0.3 released: I9100PBVLP6
Firmware: I9100PBVLP6/I9100PORALP7/I9100PBVLP6/I9100PBVLP6
Build/Release: 4/20/2012 10:09:50 PM
Stock ROM Download
We will try to update this post to gather more information of whats been hot on  this new update. Please stay tuned.

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  1. Just had to update my s2 on orange to pda:lp8 not sure whats new if you can tell me would be great