N7000DXLR5_N7000DXLR1ICS 4.0.4 Singapore South East East Asian Countries Samsung Galaxy Note Latest Firmware Released

South East Asian region - Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam will receives another Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 with build number N7000DXLR5. This is an update from previous released N7000DXLR2 and probably might fix some minor issues that users may experience and to enhance the firmware stability.

Here's brief firmware info:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Region: South East Asian Countries
Latest firmware: N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1/N7000DXLR5
Build Date: 7/30/2012 12:03:56 PM

Original Stock ROM for Devs and advance user use only:
Indonesia - XSE-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Philippines XTE - N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Philippines Globe GLB-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Philippines Smart  - SMA-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Philippines Sun - XTC-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Malaysia  - XME-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Singapore - XSA-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Singapore SingTel - SIN-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Singapore Starhub - STH-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Singapore M1 - MM1-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Thailand - THL-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1
Vietnam - XEV-N7000DXLR5/N7000OLBLR2/N7000DXLR1

These official firmware updates are already available on Kies, so just check it out and get your  your Samsung Galaxy Note upgraded to ICS 4.0.4 N7000DXLR5. 

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