[Custom ROM] Batista70 3.2 Based Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread XXKG3 for Samsung Galaxy S II

Here's another custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II. This Custom ROM was based from Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread  with build version XXKG3 firmware.

ROM Features:
26-07-2011 KG3 Batista70 3.2
-Based on the latest official firmware 2.3.4 WIPE
- Added Thunderbolt kernel tests for XXKG3:
• Based on the latest Samsung-sources (fix reboot)
• support-v2-r1 BFQ scheduler (default)
• Choice of 10 frequencies
• Form-CIFS flashabile separately and used with CIFS Manager CIFS CWM
• undervolted
• SLQB Allocator
• Memory fix
• overclocking
• Recovery CW
-Multi CSC added
-Black and Blue Theme
-Browser NO Lag
-Added new font
-Added the Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1%
-Added the effect off-Old TV!
-Delete the sound notifications full charge and minimum charge battery
-GPS Quick-Fix
-All Framework ODEX zipaligned and optimized PNG and has been compressed to save space
-Submitted Gtalk with Video
-Modified the app Mms.apk:
• Added The blue theme
• Added New emoticons
-Added the Mod rom to improve the bitrate audio / video
-Romoved the Wifi-sharing
- Added VOIP for Wifi
- New Camera Hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / -, Mantero focuses drop down takes the picture)
• support 1080p/30fps
• Better sound 64kbps/16khz -192kbps/44.1Khz meet the standard and mp4 instead of 3gp
• Ability to take pictures with a short touch on the volume buttons.
• Ability to zoom (pinch zoom) video mode by holding down the volume and sliding fingers.
-Transition animations
-Updated hosts to eliminate advertising and web apps
-New phone.apk CallRec integrated (Auto Rotation + No Increasing Tone + enlarged IMG contacts)Translate
-Transparency in contacts and text messages
-New transparent DialPad (thanks Criskelo)
-New Dialer
-More Wallpapers SnakeS in SDCard
-New Ringtones(FFVICTORY-fringe intro-melody-new born-Sorcerer-V for vendetta-vanh)
-New Popup
-NewAllarm (orch)
-New Notification(confirm-long-shotr-silent-speed.bubbles)
-New UI
-Added Widget Wather Trasparent
-Added Trasparent Folder
-Adding Torch
-Adding Titanium Backup
-EmailWidget trasparent
-Removed All apk samsung except Samsung App,Wather Widget,..
-App removed flashable with this ZIP
 Developer: raffaele88
 Installation Instructions:

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