Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Firmware Update Vodafone Australia

Here's the list of ROM firmware updates available for  Samsung Galaxy S2  I9100T which is a carrier branded version of  Vodafone Australia. This list covers from previous to the latest firmware updates releases.

samsung galaxy S2 vodafone autralia firmware update

How to check your firmware version on Samsung Galaxy S2.
Type this code on your Galaxy S2 dial pad *#1234#  and then you will get the firmware info that it says like:
Phone: I9100TDUKJ1

Samsung Kies Official server firmware updates releases list

Android Version: 2.3.3 Gingerbread
Baseband Version: I9100TDUKF4
Kernel Version: root@DELL131 #2
Released date: September 2011

Android Version: 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Australia (Three/Vodafone)
Phone: I9100TDUKF4
Hidswver: I9100TDUKH1/I9100THUTKG2/I9100TDUKF4/I9100TDUKH
Released date: September 2011

Android Version: 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Australia (Vodafone)
Phone: I9100TDUKJ1
Hidswver: I9100TDUKJ1/I9100TVAUKJ1/I9100TDUKJ1/I9100TDUKJ1
Released date: November 2011

Android Version: 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Australia (Three/Vodafone)
Phone: I9100TDUKJ1
Hidswver: I9100TDUKJ1/I9100THUTKJ1/I9100TDUKJ1/I9100TDUKJ1Released date: November 2011

The below are the official stock ROMs that can be use  to manually flash the Samsung Galaxy S2 by using Odin multi-downloader tool just in-case you want to upgrade, downgrade or return your Samsung Galaxy S2 into original stock firmware.


How to Update your Samsung Galaxy S2 Vodafone via Kies server
All you need to have is Kies installed on your PC. Using the USB cable, connect your phone into your PC, when your phone is already connected the Kies application will launch automatically, if Kies doesn’t do that just open it manually in your PC. Go along with instruction to update your smartphone, and then Kies will do the job in searching appropriate update for your Galaxy S2, when found the update let Kies update your phone.

How to Update your Samsung Galaxy S2 Vodafone via via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) 

Using FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) you can download and install it over your phone. Just  make sure your Samsung GALAXY S II is fully charged before updating.

I will try to keep this list updated if there are new firmware update releases from Vodafone Australia that specifically for Samsung Galaxy S2 users only.

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  1. Anonymous08:21

    Thanks a stack.
    I updated to a newer ROM and then my reception went to s**t.
    Flashed back with this and she's all sweet now.

  2. really need a clear solution.
    used odin on my galaxy s2. australia vodafone. was 2.3.3 i odined on a 4.0.3 firmware version. and no luck. feezes like mad and gets very hot. drains batery. all i need is the most up to date aussie supported firmware so i get my life back.vodaphone says 2.3.5 is suported. keis wont display older firmware versions to install.

  3. Hello there jaiboi,
    Kies won't let you update your galaxy S2 again to official firmware, it is because Kies will read and recognize your device firmware first before it will let you update to any available firmware available. Now, the reason is Kies will ignore any un-official firmware that you have been installed earlier, and did not recognized that firmware version so for short, it won't let you to do so.
    Here's a fix for that problem.
    1. Download the Original stock Firmware from the link above. choose the "2.3.5_GT-I9100T_VAU_I9100TDUKJ1_I9100TVAUKJ1_I9100TDUKJ1" if you have your device exclusively from Vodafone. Extract it after download.
    2. Flash the stock firmware using Odin v1.85 or the one you used when you installed the Custom Android ICS 4 before.
    3. In flashing with Odin.
    - put the Pit file in the pit button (you need pit to repartition back your phone's memory for you've already installed a modified ROM)
    - If the firmware comes in 'One Packaged'; Put the extracted file in the PDA button.
    - If the files comes in a multiple packaged; put the extracted files unto each of designated buttons. BOOT - for Bootloader, PDA is for the PDA, Phone is Modem and CSC is the CSC file.

    Only then after you do this, you will be able to upgrade on Kies and or via OTA again to any official firmware update.

  4. could u suggest a different site to get this file. tried muliple times to download and i stops.