LeoMar75 Rom Revolution v2.2 (XXKG2) ODEXED - Samsung Galaxy S II Custom ROM

Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 fully ODEXED  and based on the latest XXKG2 android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware!!!

Latest change log v2.2:
-Based on the new XXKG2 firmware
-Fully ODEXED Rom!! ( super fast and less memory compared to the deodexed one)
-Framework has been optimized and compressed
-New Angelom Kernel 10.0 (changelog ASAP)
-Added Call rec Mod
-Fixed CRT-Screen off (pixelated Animation)
-Fixed Extended status toggle bar (text displayed over icons)
-Modded stock Loockscreen (camera, Mms/Sms, Dialer, unlock)
-Complete Silent Camera
-OpenVPN is working now
-Reverted to old Market version (the new one is laggy and has still some problem)
-Added all features as per XXKG1 (v2.1)

Video review (in italian)


  • Based on the latest official firmware XXKG2 Gingerbread 2.3.4
  • New Angelom Kernel 10.0 (XXKG2 - - CWM with undervolt for power saving, 10 step freq., Multi-touch sensibility fix
    + other cool feactures included as cifs Module and Scheduler BFQ. I comply with GPL, source code forthcoming
  • Max overclock is 1504Mhz (boot with 1200Mhz)
  • Added Phone Call Rec Mod + No ascending ringtone
  • Framework-res.apk compressed with optimized png for more speed and free mem.)
  • Framework and app Odexed:
    *Quicker initial bootups of custom ROMs
    *Less memory is consumed
    *Less storage used in /data due to the fact that pre-optimised dex files are stored on /system already (save space and boost performance)
  • Multi CSC added
  • Black themed (Contact, touchwiz, EmailWidget, ClockWheater Widget, Framework-res, SystemUI)
  • New toggle bar, lockscreen wallpaper and default wallpaper
  • Added data connection toggle button on expanded status bar
  • Added the Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1% (gauge style)
  • Added Fixed CRT Screen-Off Animation
  • Removed boot sound animation
  • Added working OpenVPN support
  • Added working wpa-supplicant ad-hoc
  • Removed WiFi Sharing to save battery
  • Removed sound notifications for full charge and minimum charge battery
  • Bluetooth audio fixed
  • No ascending ringtone
  • GPS Quick-Fix
  • Advertising blocking via hosts file
  • muveszur’s Mms.apk mod
    * no auto converting messages to MMS after 4 SMS.
    * possible to add to the message 200 contacts instead of 20 contacts.
    * display sent time instead of the received time
  • Added improved Silent Camera.apk
  • Added VOIP for Wifi
  • Following apps have been included in /data/app: FileExpert, HomeSwitcher, Skyfire, Open VPN Settings UI, GScript Lite
  • Gscript lite has been added in order to Backup/Delete/Restore BLOATWARE (samsung stuff) in 1 click (updated by leomar75)
  • Removed txt/mms/emails from call logs
  • New loockscreen functions - modded by me (thanks to _JKay_):
    * Slide left to launch Camera application
    * Slide up to launch stock Music application
    * Slide down to launch stock FM Radio application
    * Slide right to Unlock
  • New extended power menu fully customizable - ported on the XXKG2 by me (thanks to _JKay_)!

Developer: LeoMar75
Download and installation:

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