Synergy RC2 HTC Droid Incredible Custom ROM

  • Bring together an all-star team of some of Android's most talented ROM developers and deliver arguably the best base Android rom experience ever.

RC1 Changes
  • Based on Speedy_S_Sprint_WWE_2.72.651.2 Leak (Thanks 911 Sniper)
  • Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
  • Sense 3.0 threaded text messaging (Thanks SEO)
  • Sense 3.0 Weather (Thanks SEO and Damo)
  • Sense 3.0 MMS
  • Sense 3.0 Task Manager
  • Sense 3.0 Polaris Office
  • Sense 3.0 USB Menu
  • Synergy Updater app, allowing in rom updates (Addons and Themes)
  • Netflix Works
  • Optional PureBlack theme (Thanks Krysick)
  • Green overflow scroll (Thanks Robocik)
  • Rased available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Google Talk with Video support
  • Support for ## Programming Codes (ex ##775#)
  • 1% battery increments and animated sync (Thanks Virus)
  • Tweak to increase sdcard read ahead buffer (Thanks Calk)
  • Custom HTC Wallpapers (Thanks Virus)
  • CRT display off/on animations
  • Optimized apks (thanks aamikam)
  • CRT TV shutdown animation
  • BusyBox v1.18.4 with color output disabled
  • CyanogenMOD A2sd Scripts Modified by Virus and Robocik
  • Custom Notification sounds (Thanks Virus)
  • Rosie settings with right button remap (Thanks MYN)
  • Screen Scaling and systl.conf tweaks (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Build Prop tweaks for faster screen transitions and call connect (Thanks CapyChimp)
  • Framework and Rosie transition times sped up (Thanks Calk and Aamikam for the Logic)
  • Dancing droid to incoming call screen (Thanks SEO)
  • HTC hub (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • 3G/1X status in Titlebar Mod
  • Transparent Rosie (Thanks Virus and Snq)
  • Sprint/Verizon Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free (Thanks Leoisright)
  • HTC Mirror App support
  • H264 native support
  • Synergy bootanimation (Thanks to the King of bootanimations.. Wrx4memp)
  • HTC_IME.apk with non arrows version
  • New Dropdown Toggles to (Incredible)
  • Landscape Rosie Support (Thanks TommyTomatoe)
  • Increased GPS Lock Performance (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Wireless Tether 2.0.7
  • Settings toggle in Display for Stock (AOSP) Lockscreen (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Settings toggles in Display for Screen On/Off (CRT) Animations (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • EMMC Mount to PC (Incredible) (Thanks Newtoroot)
  • Added HTC Media Share (DLNA Server)
  • Verizon Apps Tab on Market (Thanks JoelZ9614)
  • Unlimited tabs in Browser.apk {Thanks JoelZ9614}
  • Netflix Works
RC2 Changes
  • Panoramic and HDR support to Camera (Thanks aamikam)
  • Google Auto App/Settings Restore
  • Amon Ra Recovery Compatible
  • EMMC Music\Pictures Read (Thanks Chingy)
  • New NetFlix.apk with 1080p, Auto Rotation and Video Enhancement {Thanks Sprintusa)
  • Updated Market to 3.0.26
  • Preset Email Providers From Sense 3.0
  • Updated Google Maps/Nav to 5.7.0
  • Updated Facebook to 1.6.1
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Fixed Dsp, Roaming and Mute problems
  • Fixed steaming apps like youtube over 3g (Thanks for your help Newtoroot)
  • Other minor tweaks and bugfixes
Developer: incubus26jc  
Download and installation instruction:

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