Motorola Defy CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3.4

Here's a  Cyanogenmod 7 by Quarx at XDA for Motorola Defy.


Some people say that they have wifi problems
Video recording is choppy.

Next Version
Stock Ringtones, Alarm, Notifications not selectable
28.06.11 RC1v2:
179 Kernel
Wifi indicator fix
Fix BT when FMradio is started
Fix FMradio APP
Added 'ro.battery_light=true' in build.prop, true - enable BatteryLight while charging
CIFS module.
Widescreen photo.
Some improvements in 3D..
Overclock configuration is automatically backuped and restored, if you install new version of rom.
Fix zoom problem.
Fix Secure login by wifi (MotoPortal, IE Only)
Fixed exposure setting in camera app
Fixed camera timestamps for green lens
Cosmetic fix 'Scaling Range' & 'CPU Frequency Range'
Fix camera timestamps for BAYER camera
04.06.11 RC0:
fixes SMS troubles for Chinese users
Fix 100% CPU usage.
1% step for battery
Removed "factory reset" from settings.
Removed  reboot dialog.
Latest CWM/Bootmenu
New safe frequencies:
Adobe flash HW.
New Wifi.
Speakerphone fix
Pattern lock timeout (same as stock froyo) (author quarck 4pda)
WVGA video recording for green camera (author vick33)
Added NetworkMode in settings: GSM only, WCDMA only, GSM/WCDMA auto, GSM/WCDMA preferred
Increase boot speed.
Proximity workaround patch (author quarck 4pda)
13.05.11 Beta6:
Fixed a problem waking device when switched off the lock screen. If you press the volume buttons and the headset button.
issue #130 - Beta 5.1 Can't charge when shutdown!
fix 2USB Storage icon 
Enables SIP on WIFI only - False 
Fix Autobrightness levels
Fix camera frame drops.
Maybe fix batt drain.
Busybox 1.19
Increase of brightness
Increase of brightness flashlight (High brightness) so as ledefy on max.
Bootmenu 0.8
latest Android.
Some small fixes

07.05.2011 Beta5.1:
Some fixes.
03.05.2011 Beta5:
Added SIM Toolkit app
Re-Reworking sensors.
Some changes in Wifi and Video codec's.
Stock Torch APP/Widget. 
Update to 2.3.4 -> CM 7.1.0-RC0:
- DSP Manager: equalizer presets
Maybe even have forgotten ...

29.04.2011 Beta4.1:
Fix DroidWall/Iptables ( )
Reworking Wifi.
Update busybox to 1.19 - Disabled in beta4.1(issues #57) )
720p Playback.  - Disabled in beta4.1
Reworking Overlay & Codecs (No more proprietary)
CM -> 7.0.2
AAC/WMA codec in the video now has hardware acceleration. (improvement 720p )  - Disabled in beta4.1
Added MotoPortal.
GPS_fix2 included.
basebandswitcher V3.1 multilanguage V0.1  included.
Fix Auto-Brightness
min_free_kbytes -> 4096
Fix red camera.

20.04.2011 Beta3:
Fix Skype and some other programs. 
Fix Red Camera... thanks for solution to pabx 
Fix Headset button (issues #1) - for beta2
GPS icon fix -  (issues #4) - for beta2
Fix double USB icon.
Small fix for GPS(Searches faster satellite)
Added Baseband Switcher.
Fix Camcoder (big thanks to morpehus (
Charging of battery with the phone off  (issues #36)

17.04.2011 Beta2: 
Fix RIL.
Fix APN's
Fix Compass.
Fix Opengl 2.0
Fix Live Wallpapers.
The volume keys do not wake device

16.04.2011 Beta1: 
RIL Now Works!
All sensors works
GPS now Works
Reworking Audio
Kernel from new 3.4.2-177

15.04.2011 Alpha2: 
Bluetooth now working for transfer files
USB Fully working.
Camera: Photo working with prewiev. FLASH working.
Added more languages
2nd-init by default (unstable)
Audio and DSP Manager now works
G-Sensor(KXTF9), LM3530, AK8973.
LED: All colors
DSP: H264 Video
3D:  Improve Performance
Superuser added / not works correctly.

First release for demostration work CM7 on Defy. (and not fake)
1. Flash froyo
2. Copy *.zip to sdcard
3. Reboot your device in BootMenu/ClockWork
4. WIPE (wipe data/factory reset + wipe cache partition)
5. Install the *zip
6. reboot

Read the full instruction from Quarx for proper installation at XDA-Developer.

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