I9100XWLA4 Germany Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.6 Kies firmware update released

 New official firmware released for Samsung Galaxy S2 with build number I9100XWLA4 is rolled out in Germany. This is still packed in Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread (NOT an Ice Cream Sandwich yet).
This is the 3rd official firmware updates released by Samsung this year over Europe. The first released was in Italy with firmware build I9100XILA2 last January. This version seems the same build as the second released in Slovenia that got also an I9100XWLA4. The baseband version is also the same 'I9100XWKI4'
while in Italy is I9100XWKI1. This firmware got the latest build date, indicated as of  January 17, 2012,  and being modified as of February 03, 2012.

Here's a few detailed changes about the I9100XWLA4 firmware. 
 Translated  from German language by Google.

-WiFi / Wlan working fine (Alice Homebox problem just not available here)
- GPS without AGPS out the window after what feels like 10 seconds (very clean)
- They know of the LA2 "swipe to unlock" is now "To unlock paint across the screen"
- The battery consumption, I can say but little here, a question that is often system Android OS Android 6% and 2%.

I9100XWLA4 - DBT Stock ROM download:
For advance users only, flash at your own risk..
Download: GT-I9100_DBT_I9100XWLA4_I9100DBTKH1_I9100XXKI4


  1. I just updated to this version and my phone started to reboot itself every few hours. I never had any problem before this update. Is anyone experienced this problem?

  2. Anonymous14:17

    do not use micro sd with this firmware
    external sd couse the problem

  3. My phone was rebooting/crashing after installing this ROM :(
    So I installed UHLB2 ROM and the reboot/crash issue has gone, I'm happy now.