I9100XWLP2 Android 4.0.3 Official Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware Upgrade for Russia Samsung Galaxy S2 released

Russian Samsung Galaxy S II users is also getting the official Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The firmware build number is I9100XWLP2 with CSC I9100OXELP4 and the build date indicated as of  2012 March 20. The baseband or phone version is the same with other Europe countries that was firstly or previously released in Poland, Sweden and Hungary which is the I9100XXLPQ, and a few days later followed in Asia which is the I9100DXLP7 and I9100ZSLPE.

Model: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100
Country: Russia
Product Code: GT-I9100LKASER
Phone: I9100XXLPQ
Android version: Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
Latest firmware: I9100XWLP2/I9100OXELP4/I9100XXLPQ/I9100XWLP2
Modified: 3/20/2012 4:57:09 PM
Stock ROM: GT-I9100_I9100XWLP2_I9100OXELP4_I9100XXLPQ
Flash Guide: Odin manual installation

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