Vodafone Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

The Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware updates hits Vodafone's Samsung Galaxy S2. The roll out runs from the first week of November 2011. It's surprisingly that Vodafone gets the massive firmware released on this month. Other carrier providers get an updates too but not as wide like Vodafone does, for it covers almost all of the regions where they have there network services provides.
samsung galaxy S2 vodafone autralia firmware update

The list below shows which country gets the latest updates by now.

Netherlands (Vodafone) VDF - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VDFKI2
Spain (Vodafone) ATL - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100ATLKI2
UK (Vodafone) VOD - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VODKI2
Ireland (Vodafone) VDI - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VDIKI3
Czech Republic (Vodafone) VDC - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VDCKI2
Germany (Vodafone) VD2 - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VD2KI2
Greece (Vodafone ) VGR - I9100BUKJ3 / I9100VGRKI3
Romania (Vodafone) CNX - I9100BUKJ3/I9100CNXKI2
Portugal (Vodafone) TCL - I9100BUKJ3/I9100TCLKI3

Other regions gets an official updates too like H3G and VIPNET, see the Samsung Galaxy S2 Kies updates released list here for details.

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  1. Anonymous03:45

    Okay, i can't make an update via kies, so...where can i get Romania (Vodafone) CNX - I9100BUKJ3/I9100CNXKI2 ??