I9001XXKQ7 DBT (Germany) Android 2.3.6 firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S Plus released!

Another Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread firmware update launched in Germany with build number I9001XXKQ7. This is the second time around Germany gets the 2.3.6 updates this year while other countries still stuck in 2.3.5, Germany  gets more of the latest updates in three consecutive months.  This one just freshly modified as of February 27, 2012.

Here's a recap from previous firmware build released by Samsung Kies over Germany:

2011 December
Phone: I9001XXKPH
Firmware: I9001XXKPU/I9001DBTKP1/I9001XXKPH/I9001XXKPU

2012 January
Phone: I9001XXKPI
Firmware: I9001XXKQ1/I9001DBTKP1/I9001XXKPI/I9001XXKQ1

2012 February
Phone: I9001XXKPK
Firmware: I9001XXKQ7/I9001DBTKP2/I9001XXKPK/I9001XXKQ7

Anyway, this one is the most latest build than the Russian firmware build I9001XXKQ6 that has been also released recently. Grab the Odin flashable I9001XXKQ1 stock ROM , and give it a try. Jump over at android-hilfe to see more about the build  info and have a sneak preview of some screenshots.

Other Build Stock ROM:
Latest firmware releases for Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001, these are Value Pack 2.3.6 Gingerbread,you can grab one according to yourcountry and carrier provider if you are not already upgraded or can't get it on Kies.

February 2012 firmware update
Germany DBT - GT- I9001_DBT_I9001XXKQ1_I9001DBTKQ1
Germany DBT - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQ7_I9001DBTKP2
Russia SER - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQ6_I9001SERKP7

March 2012 firmware update
Germany (Vodafone) VD2 - GT-I9001_ I9001BUKP7_I9001VD2KP3
Germany (T-Mobile) DTM - GT-I9001_I9001BOKP9_I9001DTMKP4
Poland (Play) PRT - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQ6_I9001PRTKP2

April 2012 firmware update
India INU - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQD_ I9001ODDKP5
Switzerland AUT - GT-I9001_AUT_I9001XXKQB_I9001OXXKP8

May 2012 firmware update
Austria ATO - GT-I9001_ATO_I9001XXKQE_I9001ATOKP3
Netherlands XEN - GTI9001_I9001XXKQE_I9001XENKP2
Nordic countries NEE - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQG_I9001NEELE1
Romania (Cosmote) COA  GT-I9001 I9001XXKQE_I9001OXFKQ2
Thailand THL - GT-I9001_I9001DXLD3_I9001OLBLD2
Malaysia XME - GT-I9001_I9001DXLD3_I9001OLBLD2 

June 2012 firmware update
Baltic SEB - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQE_I9001OXFKQ2 
Baltic SEB - GT-I9001_I9001XXKQI_I9001OXFKQ3
Germany (Vodafone) VD2 - GT-I9001I9001BUKP9_I9001VD2KP4
Poland (Orange) IDE - GT-I9001_I9001BVKPC_I9001IDEKPC
Romania (Vodafone) CNX - GT I9001_I9001BUKP9_I9001CNXKP2
Spain (Vodafone) ATL - GT-I900_9001BUKP9_I9001ATLKP4

Older 2.3.6 stock ROM
These are firmware releases last year 2011 an older build versions than above list but still useful for bringing back the device back to original stock 2.3.6.
Poland XEO - GT-I9001_I9001XXKPU_I9001OXAKP1
Poland (Orange) IDE - GT-I9001_I9001BVKPA_I9001IDEKPB
Luxembourg LUX - GT-I9001_I9001XXKPG_I9001LUXKP1
Egypt EGY - GT-I9001_I9001JPKP3_I9001OJPKP3
United Arab Emirates XSG - GT-I9001_I9001JPKP3_I9001OJPKP3
Taiwan BRI - GT-I9001_I9001ZSKP6_I9001OZSKP6
Hong Kong TGY - GT-I9001_I9001ZSKP6_I9001OZSKP6

Grab the following files:
Downloader: Odin v4.43
Ops File: AriesVE.ops
Driver:  Download the driver. (this driver support almost all Samsung phones or install
kies on your PC).
Read an example of stock ROM flashing guide>>

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