IMM30B Android 4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus OTA Update Stock ROM

This is the original stock ROM from Official OTA firmware update build Android 4.0.4 IMM30B released for Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE users only. This cannot be used for GSM version or you will end up with bricks in no time. This is an update from previous build Android 4.0.2 ICL53F, it includes a new bootloader and radio images.
IMM30B Android 4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus firmware downloadIMM30B Android 4.0.4 Galaxy Nexus Stock ROM

IMM30B 4.0.4 update:

-You must be on 4.0.2 bootloader, radios, boot partition (kernel), and system or this will failed.
-You can use this in both stock and CWM recovery.
-You will lose root and will have to reroot afterwords using CWM!
Flashing via  Clockwork Recovery.
1.  Your galaxy Nexus should be  running original stock Android 4.0.2 (ICL53F).
2.  Download the file and rename to
3.  Reboot into Clockwork Recovery.
4.  Choose “install zip from sdcard” and then find the file and select it.
5.  Let the flashing completes, reboot and done.

If you want the rooted version, craigacgomez have already modified a rooted, deodexed, zipaligned, busybox and insecure boot  version from original stock IMM30B Android 4.0.4, just head over to his original thread for further instruction.

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