Verizon Galaxy Nexus Stock Radio Updates Download

Here's the list of all  available Stock Radio for Verizon Galaxy Nexus  provided by Google from official factory images . Each of the file packaged contains both CDMA and LTE radio for Galaxy Nexus. These will not work on GSM version of Galaxy Nexus. Use this file at your own risk, stock radio various differently varies from user to user experience. Verify the MD5 first before flashing. Use either Root Explorer or AFV on your phone to verify the MD5 checksum. Make sure that your device have a great battery charge before flashing. 

Galaxy Nexus Stock Radio can be flashed in Fastboot 

ITL41D - 4.0.1
CDMA: radio-cdma-toro-EK01
md5sum: c7a80369cce62eeaeb2089b7f58518b4
LTE: radio-toro-EK02
md5sum: 46a955690528de2f1ecaca2d1df5112f

ICL53F - 4.0.2
CDMA: radio-cdma-toro-EK05
md5sum: 815d5cb7c85038e175b7c03cac752de1
LTE: radio-toro-EK02
md5sum: 46a955690528de2f1ecaca2d1df5112f

IML74K - 4.0.3
CDMA: radio-cdma-toro-EK06
md5sum: 1f3009cd290d3862fb7f1294158840bb
LTE: radio-toro-EK04
md5sum: fb3f887ad014d7df2eb226594e2c80b5

IMM30B - 4.0.4
CDMA: radio-cdma-toro-FA02
md5sum: 8895df33d02eef1e8d4ad4d539d11871
LTE: radio-toro-FA02
md5sum: e7664a80c7b0470b58031c5e67b8e99b

Galaxy Nexus Stock Radio can be flashed in clockworkmod recovery. No wiping or mounting necessary.

4.0.1 (ITL41D) radio package
CDMA Radio Version - EK01
LTE Radio Version - EK02
MD5: 3302017119dd24eaf99b2a6540ea3697

4.0.2 (ICL53F) radio package 
CDMA Radio Version - EK05
LTE Radio Version - EK02
MD5: a12743e6d3b80734831f69502bdae29b

4.0.3 (IML74K) radio package
CDMA Radio Version - EK06
LTE Radio Version - EK04
MD5: c07f43102346b7e88ac30fe981dbbf2b

4.0.4 (IMM30B) radio package
CDMA Radio Version - FA02
LTE Radio Version- FA02

Flashing Instructions 
How to flash LTE radios with fastboot:
  • Boot into bootloader
  • Enter this command into terminal/command prompt:
fastboot flash radio name-of-radio.img
(replace "name-of-radio.img" with actual img name)

How to flash CDMA radios with fastboot:
  • First boot into bootloader
  • Then enter this command into terminal/command prompt:
fastboot flash radio-cdma name-of-cdma-radio.img
(replace "name-of-cdma-radio.img" with actual img name)

These files were compiled at Rootzwiki and it's proven works.
Checkout poontab and Android Nut of Rootzwiki threads here and here for more details and instruction guides.

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